Soul Work

Honoring the Sacred Self With Crow and Raven

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I've been listening deeply to the blackbird spirits of crow and raven for some time now. They have manifested into what I am calling Soul Work.

Soul Work is transformative channeled experiences that invite you into clarity and freedom  by gently detangling threads of confusion or contraction, heart ache, to spirit blocks, in compassionate and empowered ways.

I weave mythic states, sacred guides, clear intuitive guidance, and soul-centered coaching, to help you give name and tools to what you may be experiencing. I walk beside you on the path of liberation from fear, trauma, past pain, and resistance.  Soul Work is about spirit, connectedness, and earth medicine based is liberation.

Working with me is about unblocking experiences, delivered in sincere, compassionate, and likely with the occasional f-bomb.

I am not your typical tarot reader, and I promise you this is not your typical reading. If you are looking for someone to tell you your future or to keep it on the surface level, I am not for you. Instead, what I offer is the invitation to be seen and help you step into your power.

Come with a readiness to work. To transform and expand, to drop victimhood, and say yes to your soul path, and to genuinely receive your truth with an open heart and a willing spirit.

If this resonates with you, I am honored to support and hold space for you on your journey.


Soul Work is scheduled in one hour sessions available via skype or in person within the Philadelphia area. If you are interested in persusing a session, email or book below. 


Erick is a master reader, but reads like a caring friend. He is insightful, sharp, but kind. Investing in a reading with him is investing in a perfect moment of Self and Spirit. I cannot recommend him highly enough.