Dark Moon Rising - A 12 Month Journey

Dark Moon Rising - A 12 Month Journey


Every month at the Dark Moon, that time when the moon has waned from the sky, yet before she has birthed herself anew shining crescent, she is dark. This is a magic time. A time of wisdom and attunement, where I call down the ancestors, access the Akashic and forecast for myself, clients and others.

Channeled and created by Erick DuPree, Dark Moon Rising is a deep, spirallic journey through the lunar cycle along the wheel of the year, experienced through the lens of Tarot, mindfulness and ceremony.

Monthly, near the Dark Moon an email will be delivered to your inbox, filled with custom Tarot spreads, deep audio lessons on the cards, moon medicine, and ways to honor the Solstices. This offering is designed to reconnect you back to the whisper of your heart, the drumbeat of your soul, in a evolutionary way to deepen your connection with your Tarot deck, and stay tethered to the flow of the changing seasons.

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  • Beautiful curated content containing mini lessons and intuitive downloads
  • Audio meditations or guided rituals for the cards of the current lunar season
  • Beautiful, bespoke Tarot spreads that correspond to the energy of the month
  • Moon medicine
  • Rituals and ceremonies to do with your Tarot deck
  • Deep ways to connect with the nature around you