Erick DuPree
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Inviting and engaging, Erick DuPree offers deep wisdom and heart advice for lunar living.
— Celeste Teal, author Lunar Nodes

Dark Moon Rising. Online

A Monthly subscription delivered to your email every Dark Moon.

Channeled and created by Erick DuPree, Dark Moon Rising is a deep, spirallic journey through the lunar cycle along the wheel of the year, experienced through the lens of Tarot, mindfulness and ceremony.

Erick’s work is an awakening work like the Spiral Dance, or Drawing Down the Moon.
— Scott Smith, The Temple Los Angeles

What you will receive each month?

  • Beautiful curated content containing mini lessons and intuitive downloads

  • Audio meditations or guided rituals for the cards of the current lunar season

  • Beautiful, bespoke Tarot spreads that correspond to the energy of the month

  • Moon medicine

  • Rituals and ceremonies to do with your Tarot deck

  • Deep ways to connect with the nature around you

How Much Is Dark Moon Rising?

The Energy Exchange is $9 per month, and $99 for a full year.

Participants may join Dark Moon Rising at any time. The doors are always open to this offering.  

Those who choose a monthly subscription may opt out at anytime; there are no refunds for yearly subscriptions.

An excellent guide to lunar magic and manifestation for both the beginner and seasoned practitioner.


Dark Moon Rising is geared toward the Northern Hemisphere. The Southern Hemisphere will be acknowledged and covered in each email, but we will be largely following the wheel of the year from point of view of the Northern Hemisphere