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Erick DuPree is an award-winning queer writer, editor, and mindfulness teacher trainer whose work weaves together intersectional dialogues to awaken and explore our shared human experience.

He is the author of several books including  Weaving Moonlight: Lunar Mysteries, Meditations, and Magic for the Soul, and editor of the anthology Finding the Masculine In Goddess SpiralErick has been featured on several podcasts including Conversations to Reshape Our World. His work has been featured in New York Magazine, HuffPost, The Wild Hunt, and Patheos, where he published, Alone In Her Presence: A Feminist Perspective for many years.

Erick holds a doctorate in literature and ethnographic studies from Queen’s University. He has dedicated his studies, and published on topics of mindfulness, myths & legend and neo-pagan ethnography.

Erick is currently on sabbatical working on an upcoming collection of short stories.

Weaving Moonlight is an awakening work like the Spiral Dance, or Drawing Down the Moon....

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