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Welcome to a place to reclaim your magic and connect with your truth. Intuitive Soul Work is transformative channeling experiences with the Tarot, facilitated by Erick DuPree, designed to realign you with your highest truth. 


What Do The Cards Have To Say?


Erick DuPree is a soul-centered queer writer and esoteric practitioner. His experience weaves together intersectional Goddess mysteries, ancestral dialogues, ritual immersions, and a life-long sadhana with matrifocal spirituality.

Erick is a respected voice in Goddess and Pagan communities; he is the author of several books including  Weaving Moonlight: Lunar Mysteries, Meditations, and Magic for the Soul, the anthology Finding the Masculine In Goddess Spiral, and is the creator of Dark Moon Rising.

His work has been featured in New York Magazine, HuffPost, The Wild Hunt, and Patheos, where he published Alone In Her Presence: A Feminist Perspective.

His work is deeply rooted in Earth medicine, Rajanaka yogic philosophy, and the Hermetic Qabala.  Erick grew up in a religious matriarchy, studied closely within women's collectives through initiation as a priestess, yes priestess, in Reclaiming tradition. He has devoted many years to personal development in diverse wisdom traditions and feminist leadership. 

As a mentor and teacher, Erick works both one-on-one, group settings, and collectively to empower and create inclusive experiences of the Goddess for his clients and students. 

Erick completed his graduate degree in Comparative literature at Queen's University. He lives in historic Philadelphia, PA. 

Erick DuPree writes of the Goddess in an intimate and thoughtful way that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of readers seeking to know Her.
— David Salisbury, author & activist