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Erick is a master reader, but reads like a caring friend. He is insightful, sharp, but kind. Investing in a reading with him is investing in a perfect moment of Self and Spirit. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Courtney Weber, Author, Tarot for One


One of the most recognizable forms of divination today, the Tarot can reveal where you have been in this lifetime and beyond. With a skilled reader, the tarot can navigate beyond this moment by providing a roadmap about situations around you and the required action needed to advance your situation to a positive outcome. 

With 20 years experience, Erick works with clients to make sure his readings are more than just eye-opening but clarifying and inspiring. They are an opportunity to explore your situation through mythic states and deep reflection, capturing detailed portraits of life's often complex situations.

If you are looking to know more about the heart and clarity on life’s purpose, a reading with Erick is a compass towards truth and meaning.
— Margot Alder, NPR, author Drawing Down The Moon

Jung considered the dream a natural and normal psychic phenomenon describing the inner situation of the dreamer, a "spontaneous self-portrayal in symbolical form of the actual situation in the unconscious.

Dreamwork is the powerful process of working with our dreams for personal and spiritual growth.  With roots in Jung's basic approach towards dreams as a very natural experience,  instead of seeing dreams as riddles to be solved, the emphasis is always on what the dreamer feels in the dream. The feelings in dreams are compressed into the images and presences we encounter, these are called "mythic states." 

Understanding dreams are to remember and explore dreams and mythic states from sleep to waking in a search for deeper meanings. Each one of us is uniquely blind to the "deeper meanings"  of our own dreams, and dreamwork helps us see what amazing gifts lay below the surface of "manifest content"life fertile seeds, or sometimes a distinct appearance, that  reveal hidden truths and awakenings.

Dream work is not easy, and not for everyone. It requires honesty and self reflection, because dreams invite us to face profound and difficult feelings. Dreams can open us to the journey of the soul. The work is not moralistic or judgmental. It is not about lofty ideas or sentiments. Instead dream by dream, the work gives us a direct experience of a greater depth of feeling, of sensuality, of emotional relationship and soulfulness. And in time dreams reorient us to a life centered in the heart.

Working with Erick is an opportunity to explore your dreams and subconscious in a safe and empowered way. Dreamwork is soul work, not psychoanalysis. Instead Erick offers a facilitated dialogue that uses modalities like natal charts and astrology, Jung and Tarot iconography paired with deep listening as a way of reflecting back possible meanings of dreams and mythic states to unlock potential and possibility. 

If you are curious about your dreams and the desires they ultimately hold for you, the process of self-inquiry is intimate and profoundly transformational.  Sessions are by the hour, $100. and are available in person, phone or by skype.

If you are curious about your dreams and the desires they ultimately hold for you, the process of self-inquiry is intimate and profoundly transformational.  Sessions are by the hour, $100.


As a member of the Association of Dreamwork Practitioners I subscribe to a Code of Ethics which governs how I do this work. You may read the entire statement here.