5 Magical Steps to Transform the Yuck to Yummy

Do you ever feel like the world is moving forward and you are sitting still? Held back from a potential that you can almost manifest? Maybe you linger to mistakes when the universe has let go.

Many people live like this, held captive to circumstances and situations because the yucky is familiar. Making change is hard. Moving from the yuck and into the yum takes work.  Humans are wired to hold on to unpleasant events; the yucky clings to bones and aura like mildew. But it doesn't have to be that way. 

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.
— Goethe

Getting beyond the yuck starts with identifying the root of your attachment and naming it. Is it fear, doubt, worthiness? Maybe it's a friendship you have held for a long time. One that promises the yummy: say fulfillment, only to leave you with yuck: say feeling drained, tired, and fatigued every time you connect. Or the memory of a yummy love that ended, but you still cling to a hope for a rekindling. In that case, you're not moving your life forward with new dates but instead lost to nostalgia. Sometimes, it's deeper still. A lifetime of yuck lets name it 'doubt' and years of feeling not good enough.  The other side of "not good enough" is "am I worthy?"

To move from yucky to yummy, you have to step into the magic of the other side.  You have to admit that situations don't resolve themselves and make them different. That's why we have magic. Magic is an active ingredient. It requires examination, determination, intention, release, and action.



Ask yourself what is holding you back? What has taken your autonomy, you will, your heart. That friend who is always taking up space, say by texting about their needs and never asking about you? They aren't a good friend. That 'great love" who has a new love- they aren't coming back, holding on and stalking their Instagram won't manifest them back into your life. 


Decide for yourself, what are you going to do about it. You have a choice and a voice. That doesn't mean confrontation, but it does mean actively deciding something different and releasing it. Remember, holding on will not make something come back.


Now that you have decided to release, what DO you want? When you move from yucky to yummy, you create new space in your life for a possibility to manifest a unique opportunity. Step into your magic.  Set an original intention in this new space. Maybe now is the time to cultivate new friends and experiences, relationships, and opportunities. The new moon is a perfect time to make such intentions. 


Letting go is more than just a saying goodbye to the yucky. It is actively releasing the captor (which sometimes is your mind and habits) without judgment. It's also releasing the new intentions into the universe to grow and manifest. 


An intention set without the movement behind it manifests little. Magic requires work on your part. Once you have created the container, set the intention, and released it to the universe, it's up to you to set out to fill the hopeful vessel. Want a new love; then you need to date. Want a better job, then start looking. All the candles and spells won't do anything if you aren't doing the work.


Magic makers are change makers.  You don't have to live a life that is full of those yucky situations. Magic can help bring back the yummy when all you have around you is a feeling of yuck. That is the ultimate power and freedom of your magical self. You have the autonomy to step into the magic and be free. Unconditionally, on your terms. Let's invite the yummy! I'd love to hear about your experiences. Comment below.