Too Late To Anthologize? Is It Time For A Redux of FTMGS?

In 2014 I set out to create an anthology about men and their relationship with the Goddess. It took forever to make it happen. During that time I ended a longtime relationship and leaned heavily on a former spiritual teacher for significant emotional support. But ultimately with Taylor Elwood's unwavering focus from Immanion/Megalithica and some fantastic content, an anthology emerged.  

When we have polished ourselves so that the light of the Goddesses is reflected in us, then others may see Her and be inspired. That inspiration leads to new songs, stories, paintings, temples, and all the tools and materials for more vessels and mirrors, which is enough joyous work for many lifetimes.
— Ivo Dominguez Jr. - Finding The Masculine In Goddess Spiral

Despite amazing contributions with popular pagan writer names attached, something held Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral back from being a publishing success. As I reflect on it, I think the titular use of masculinity, a gender dynamic all people hold, was unwise. It's not about masculinity. The anthology is about men and magick making with various Goddesses. It's about how that relationship informs us as men. 

Three years later, Immanion is releasing the rights of the book back to me due to sales performance. I have been compensated less than $100 since publication. That is less than $1.00 per hour for my time invested for editing contributions and cover design. Yet, I regret none of it. Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral is my favorite work to date. I think there is an assumption that books are profit bearing, and maybe for some, they are. But likely for many, we write, because we have no choice. Connecting story and personal experiences is so important to me, especially about this topic.  

But we are at a crossroads.  Effective today, Finding the Masculine reverts back to me and is now out of print. Once remaining copies have sold, it is gone.  I am in a position to dedicate some needed energy back into this project where years ago I wasn't. While, contributor content has always been the original writers, to publish or republish as they wish, the concept, anthologizing of it, branding of it is mine. 

I wonder what's next? I have always had a broader vision for men, magic, and Goddess. These compelling stories, and our powerful magick. I have ideas and would honor your feedback, opinions, and wisdom.  Here is a short survey. I would value your thoughts.  Blessings.