Sir calls your name
you hear but do you listen
Is it Him
Is it the One

Or is it but another pretender
Saying the words
Walking the walk

In your heart you know
If it doesn't fit,
It doesn't fit
And you tread water

Waiting for that elevator
Watching the fools rush by

He calls again
you turn and acknowledge
And He smiles

Take the time it takes
To know, really know
And to trust
As without trust there really is nothing

Be honest with He who wants you
Gauge His responses and your own
Explain what you mean
And have Him do the same

Speak openly
Warn Him
Ask first
Without communication there really is nothing

Be respected
Only then may you respect
Respect grows from knowledge
Honesty and communication

Be respectful
Know He will appreciate it
Even if you haven't found Him yet
your past will always catch up with you
And without respect there really is nothing

Kneel before him
Head held high
Knowing yourself
And knowing Him

Kiss His feet
Because it is your greatest desire
Not because you have been told to
Nor under sufferance
For without desire there really is nothing

Love who you are
Or change who you are
So you may truly love yourself
Then you may be ready

To accept Another's love
In its deepest, darkest, and most intense moments
Through self acceptance, honesty, respect and desire,
To accept it
Is to give ones gift
And without love, in the end, there really is nothing.


this content, while seemingly illicit, is always based in mutual consent, respect and trust. The scenes, characters and other 'facts' are drawn entirely from the writer's imagination, and any resemblance perceived or otherwise to real life events is wholly coincidental. 

eroticaErick DuPree