don't fear Me
don't think I can't take a joke
don't lie to Me
don't you think I know that already
don't work too hard
don't be foolish
don't fall in love with Me
don't you hate that?
don't I wish
don't be sarcastic
don't be afraid to be honest
don't do that
don't cum until I tell you to
don't tell Me what to do
don't let anyone else know that
don't you think that's a little excessive?
dont you like that?
don't be stupid
don't preach to the converted
don't hurt yourself, ever
don't you dare
don't speak to Me like that
don't care
don't know
don't mind what you do
don't even think about it
don't do anything on My account
don't think just do
don't you know how proud I am?
don't disobey Me


this content, while seemingly illicit, is always based in mutual consent, respect and trust. The scenes, characters and other 'facts' are drawn entirely from the writer's imagination, and any resemblance perceived or otherwise to real life events is wholly coincidental. 

eroticaErick DuPree