Understanding Your Birth Chart

Understanding Your Birth Chart


Knowing the planets in our chart we an understand career, love, and life purpose to live a more meaningful, manageable and enjoyable life. Learn the ways in which you experienced and developed emotionally and the ways in which we individually long to be cared for, fed and nurtured based on the timing and planetary positioning at birth.

In this reading you will learn

  • The significance of the planets in your chart
  • The importance of the rising actions of your signs
  • The meaning of how your planets relate to each other
  • The significance of the phase of the planets that you were born under

Please have your time of birth ready for this course. If you do not know your time of birth and you want to take this course, please note that while you will still learn a lot about yourself, you will not be able to personally put to use all of the information made available. Feel free to email us if you have questions regarding this. 

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