Soul Crafting

Soul Crafting


Some situations require more than an hour and just Tarot.  For instance, when mapping out the Wheel of the Year or journeying past lives, or shadow work- partner with Erick one on one.

Soul Crafting is one on one spiritual development that focuses on cultivating spiritual intelligence, intuition development and honing direct experience with cultivating the sacred. Right livelihood, Karmic Loops, Energy mapping, and tapping into your most authentic self. 

These sessions present an open space where you can be supported to look at your strengths and gifts in order to heal any emotional wounds or energetic scars that could be holding you back from your purpose which is to be happy.

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Soul Crafting is a unique is an investment in the self, in caring partnership and compassion. Sessions are best scheduled in commitments of three meetings. Sliding scale is available on a case by case basis. 

Soul Crafting is not psychotherapy, but spiritual coaching, mentorship, and leadership training to empower you towards your most empowered self.