Ritual & Spell Crafting

Ritual & Spell Crafting


Feeling disconnected from spirit and looking to connect with the self through prayer, meditation, Deity offerings, and ritual practice? 

Work with Erick to delve deep with magic and mysteries of the old ways made new again. A long time practitioner of occult ritual and folk magic, Erick is initiated into many mysteries of the divine feminine including Reclaiming Collective, the Order of the Black Madonna, is a priestess of Hekate, and is formally trained in diaspora folk magic.

Erick has spent years in formal relationship with teachers like Thorn Coyle, Enkyo O'Hara, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Anodea Judith, and mentor Yeshe Matthews.  Awaken the magic within. 

Training with Erick is a three month commitment. Sliding Scale Available. 

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