Weaving Moonlight is an awakening work like the Spiral Dance, or Drawing Down the Moon...
— S.K. Smith, The Temple Los Angeles

Below is a select list of Erick's writing and publications, including interviews and reviews.  Erick's books can be purchased at all major books sellers, and at independent shops. Signed copies of Erick's books are available at: Palo Santo Wellness Boutique, Three Queens, Catland Books, Ritual Ritual, and The Sacred Well. If you would like a personalized signed copy of one of Erick's books- click here




DuPree, Erick J. Finding the Masculine in Goddess' Spiral: Men in Ritual, Service and Community to the Goddess. Immanion Press/Megalithica. 2016. Print

DuPree, Erick J. Weaving Moonlight: Lunar Mysteries, Meditations, and Magic for the Soul. Circle Within. 2015. Print

DuPree, Erick J. Alone In Her Presence: Meditations on the Goddess. Circle Within. 2013. Print

DuPree, Erick J. Universally Unique: Homilies, Lessons, and Lore. Beacon Press. 2008. Out of Print

DuPree, Erick J. Becoming Murasaki: Exploring Religious Subtext in the Court Diaries of Murasaki Shikibu. University Printing Print. 2008.  Republished, Wisteria Publishing. 2017. Digital



"Shoop", Bringing Race to the Table, ed. Crystal Blanton (Stratford, UK: Immanion Press/Megalithica Books, 2015).

"Healing Our Cries", Rooted In The Body, Seeking the Soul, ed. Tara Masery (Stratford, UK: Immanion Press/Megalithica Books, 2014).

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Select Articles:

"We, The Magi," The Wild Hunt, December 25, 2017

"Holy She, Holy Now," Patheos: Hosting Conversations of Faith, May 20, 2016

"Mabon's Prelude to Darkness," The Wild Hunt, September 16, 2015

"Worship: The Vessel of Love," Witches & Pagans, June 11, 2014

"My Heart Made Me Do It," Culture, Spring 2013

"Children of the World," UU World, Summer 2010

"Spring's Promise," Tricycle:A Buddhist Review, Summer 2006

"The Longings Immortal: Redeeming Cleopatra," Shakespeare!, May 2002



Sex, Religion, Power and Politics (Tate, K., October 2017)

New York Magazine (Raymond, A., June 2016)

Revolutions (Luttmers, HiC, May 2016)

Down at the Crossroads (Orapello, C. & Maguire, T. 2014)

Pagan Musings, (Kess, R., June 2014)

Modern Witch (Hunter, D., June 2014)

Staff of the Asclepius, (Masery, T., April 2014)




"Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans, by Ivo Dominguez, Jr" Patheos: Hosting Conversations of Faith, January 25, 2016