From the Back of the Book

Listen to the words of the Great Mother in the stories of these great men. 'Finding the Masculine In Goddess' Spiral', empowers the rich dialogue that men have been having about their sacred experiences with the Feminine Divine. Curated by Erick DuPree, this anthology reaches across faith praxis to bring together Pagans, Heathens, Buddhists, Polytheists, and Monists, in a diverse tapestry of sacred masculine stories, rituals, and poetry

With a preface by Yeshe Matthews and Foreward by Ivo Dominguez, Jr,  contributions include Christopher Penczak, Blake Octavian Blair, David Salisbury, Storm Faerywolf, Orion Foxwood, Taylor Ellwood, Devin Hunter, Lou Florez, and more.  These are the stories for of our sages, magicians and sons for future generations.