Erick DuPree is an award winning writer and editor whose work is described as evocative, intimate, graceful, and deeply transcendent. His writing has been featured in Huffington Post, Shakespeare!, Tricycle: A Buddhist Review, NY Magazine, and The Wild Hunt, where he is a featured columnist. When not writing himself, Erick edits other's writing, curates content for big companies, and hosts writing workshops. He is based in Philadelphia.


Don't be quiet hoping I will read your vibe
Smell your scent
And come sniffing at your ass
Tell Me

Knowing what I wish to know excites the fuck out of Me
My mind ticks over and I plan what to do next
And I hear your soft moans imagined
And I echo them

When you say please
And your desire is so evident
And you rake your nails down My chest
And you lick your bottom lip before biting it

Images explode
Across My landscape
My cock thickens
And I adjust My jeans

Waiting for you to come through that door
Exhausted from your labours
Flicking My crop against My calf

you drop your facade
And your clothes at the door
No need for pleasantries
When W/we both know how wet your cunt is

Kneel here in front of Me
Tell Me what you want
i want everything you deem me fit to receive
Use me as You wish Sir

Say please you little slut


this content, while seemingly illicit, is always based in mutual consent, respect and trust. The scenes, characters and other 'facts' are drawn entirely from the writer's imagination, and any resemblance perceived or otherwise to real life events is wholly coincidental.