Vivid & Evocative
— Yeshe Matthews, HP, The Order of The Black Madonna

Erick DuPree is an award winning writer, mystic, priestess (yes priestess),  body and energy worker. Within pagan circles he is most known for his  popular blog- turned column- turned book- Alone In Her Presence- which garnered praise for being evocative, controversial, and decidedly feminist.  More broadly, Erick's work has received praise from New York Magazine, The Lion's Roar, and The Wild Hunt.  His writings and teachings are empowered and inclusive- based in matrifocal spirituality, community, and social justice. Erick's lineage of teachers and mentors include Starhawk, T. Thorn Coyle, Rev. Kim Crawford Harvie, and beloved colleague Yeshe Matthews.

Erick draws inspiration and spirit from his initiation in Reclaiming Collective, his longtime kinship with The Order of the Black Madonna, and his studies with Rajanaka and African diaspora traditions. His teaching is also deeply informed by his sadhana in Zen Buddhism and his graduate studies in comparative literature and ethnographic studies from Queen's University.  An E-RTY certified yoga teacher, he holds advanced certifications in therapeutic restorative yoga. In addition Erick is a Reiki master, and is trained in bioenergetics by Anodea Judith.  All of which empower his practice of magic, and healing work in the world.

Erick is respected tarotist, as well as an interpreter dreams and symbols, and a teacher a practical magic. His laid back style, keen intuition, along with his uncanny depth have made him highly sought after. Whether 1:1, hosting salons, or partnering with national organizations such as The Woman's Medical Fund or, working with Erick is always a sell out and not to be missed event.

As a teacher of tarot, Erick has a clear and dynamic approach to intuition development and tarot iconography. His popular Tarot and The Deeper Self explores the Fool's Journey while Intuitive Tarot empowers students to move 'beyond the book" to hone their innate gifts.  Other popular workshops include, Practical Protection Magic, Weaving Moonlight, based on his best selling book,  and Elemental Castings: A Four Part Series.   

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