Erick DuPree is an award winning writer, perceptive mirror, and feminist voice in Goddess based spirituality. His work is described as intimate, evocative, and deeply transcendent.



Erick is currently working is next book, MINDFUL MAGIC: THE ART OF SOUL CRAFTING.


If you are looking for a compass and need deeper understanding, you've come to the right place.



The power to manifest the life you want, happens the moment you give yourself permission to dare.

Erick DuPree writes of the Goddess in an intimate and thoughtful way that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of readers seeking to know Her.
— David Salisbury, Author & Activist
Erick is a master reader, but reads like a caring friend. He is insightful, sharp, but kind. Investing in a reading with him is investing in a perfect moment of Self and Spirit. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Courtney Weber - Author, Tarot for One

For millennia, people have turned to divination for spiritual and practical guidance. Far from a mere superstition, Tarot is a powerful tool for clarity and personal growth–whether you’re looking for answers in your daily life, relationships, or a deeper connection to the divine.

Erick works with you to unlock and clarify situations in your life in eye-opening and direct ways. Tarot explores your situation, and will show you anything from a quick snapshot to a detailed portrait and shines a light on what might be hidden or overlooked, allowing you to move forward with new insight and confidence.

Erick offers virtual readings by email, phone, and Skype. He also does in-person readings and even house calls for clients in Philadelphia. 


Magic is the art of shifting consciousness at will. 


German philosopher Goethe once said, 'At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you.' The same sentiment can be attributed to magic. Simply stated magic is seeing clearly the energies that flow in, among, around and through us, and putting that energy in motion, directed by your intentions, to accomplish a goal. Wisdom traditions call this prayer, sankulpa, mantra, and yes, magic.

The art of shifting consciousness at will is timeless and spans every culture and civilization. It has been celebrated and banned, ritualized on sacred altars and burned at the stake. Whether handed down, appropriated, syncretized, or part of the diaspora, magic has always been the midwives secret and mystic dream. Magic is the ultimate invitation to know thyself intimately and completely alongside the world around you.

Erick has spent over a two decades steeped in many wisdom traditions, invited to and initiated in the art and application of holistic magic. Whether Goddess based training in Reclaiming Collective to practical root magic of the Indo Caribbean African diaspora, or master trainings in Reiki and Vajrayana empowerments. What has been gleaned from complex Hermetic Qabalah or just sitting- it all leads back to breath, to self, to deep knowing, to know thyself.  If you are looking for direction or want help with a situation you've come to the right place.