Erick DuPree is an award winning writer whose work is described as evocative, intimate, and deeply transcendent. He authored the acclaimed column turned book, Alone in Her Presence: A Feminist Perspective, Weaving Moonlight, Finding the Masculine in Goddess’ Spiral, and has contributed to numerous anthologies Erick's writing has been widely published from HuffPost to New York Magazine, and he has been a featured writer for Patheos, Tricycle: Buddhist Review, and The Wild Hunt.

Erick is a leading voice in matrifocal spirituality and a respected and sought after tarotist. He has taught nationally about the Goddess and masculinity, the art and science of intuitive tarot, as well as myth and creative writing.

Erick received his graduate degree from Queen's University in comparative literature and is based in Philadelphia, PA.


Erick DuPree writes of the Goddess in an intimate and thoughtful way that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of readers seeking to know Her.
— David Salisbury, Author & Activist
Erick’s writing is magic and inherent spirituality, about connecting with the night to feed your soul.
— Cathryn Mechling, University of Chicago
His poems read like graceful prayers and his essays are informative and offer ritual paths of worship and healing.
— Norm Halm, Award Winning Photographer
Vivid & Evocative
— Yeshe Matthews, The Sacred Well
Weaving Moonlight is an awakening work like the Spiral Dance, or Drawing Down the Moon...
— S.K. Smith, The Temple of Los Angles.
The exquisite follow up to Weaving Moonlight we’ve been waiting for!
— Stephanie Blythe, Artist, Storyteller
This book is an excellent guide to lunar magic and manifestation for both the beginner and seasoned practitioner. As a spiritual reader and advisor, I highly recommend this book.
— Dominick J. Guerriero, Tarot Voyages
Inviting and engaging, Erick DuPree offers deep wisdom and heart advice for lunar living.
— Celeste Teal, Author, Lunar Nodes
Erick is an exceptional writer and teacher. This work as well as his blog will leave you inspired and filled with divine love!
— M.M., Hudson, NY.
Erick is a master reader, but reads like a caring friend. He is insightful, sharp, but kind. Investing in a reading with him is investing in a perfect moment of Self and Spirit. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
— Courtney Weber, Author, Tarot for One


One of the most recognizable forms of divination today, the Tarot can reveal where you have been in this lifetime and beyond. with a skilled reader, it can navigate where you are in this moment, and where you might need to go by providing a roadmap about situations around you and the required actions.

With 20 years experience, Erick works with clients to make sure his readings are more than just eye-opening, clarifying, and inspiring. They are an opportunity to explore your situation through mythic states and deep reflection, capturing detailed portraits of life's often complex situations. 

If you are looking to know more about the heart, crafting the soul, spiritual insight and clarity on life's purpose; a reading with Erick is a compass towards truth and meaning.